Borders and Crisis: The Childish Version

It seems that as of recent it’s become quite a fashionable thing for Western countries to have refugee crisis at their southern borders, regardless of causes and the actual crisis-level.

The Trump presidency and the Republican party as its extension, having learned from the gigantic strides neo-fascist parties have made in Europe using their local refugees by means of doing nothing other than uttering bullshit, would obviously love their own refugee crisis and pull off something similar, as it would go rather well with the newest wave of fashionable fascist slur.

It has to be said: With the US currently lacking the political capital to bomb and ruin yet another country in the region and create a refugee crisis the old-fashioned way, new ways have been expertly found and successfully implemented. One can only look in awe and amazement at the display of such expertise and dedication to racism and inhumanity. It’s admirable.

However, I’m not telling anything new here, so let’s have a little look at some random video with US vice-president Pence defending this nonsense the best he can:

So yeah, one can comment a bit on this:

  1. If you can use an emergency situation to redirect billions of $$$ to a wall of all things, you can surely find a few thousand bucks for some toothbrushes and mattresses. With a few more you might even be able to find some clothes. Last time I checked the US was still rich enough to afford these basic utensils, and I doubt that this has changed much.
  2. So Pence does something very disturbing in this video: He uses the tone of his voice and body language to convey the message that he’s in a truly tough spot and is overflowing with empathy for these poor children, but he cannot do anything because he’s completely stalemated by Congress. This is obviously complete and utter nonsense, for a plethora of reasons, for example the one one can see in point no. 1. (Note that this is not a feature of his speech in all situations: It’s specific to this video.)
  3. The data he gives is very likely incorrect, which is of course a minor issue in the current administration.
  4. Some people claim that ‘values’ are things that come from the Bible and nothing else. While this is not the moment to investigate this big claim, it is the moment to point out that it would be more persuasive if the especially the more powerful bearers of these and similar claims would act according to their own wisdom.

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